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People From Irving

David Lowery

David Lowery is an alumnus of Irving High School. He
directed The Old Man & the Gun, Disney film Pete’s Dragon and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.

Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth is a actor and former professional football player. He moved to Irving Texas at a very young age and graduated from
MacArthur High School. Bosworth
played college football for the Oklahoma Sooners and was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks.
He had a role in the movie The Longest Yard.

Trevor John Story

Trevor John Story is an American professional baseball shortstop. Story is attended Irving High School and has played for Colorado Rockies.

Taylor Mays

Taylor Mays

Taylor Mays is a former American football safety. Mays played for Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders. He was born in Irving in 1988.

Liz Rose

BMI Songwriter Liz Rose: “Taylor Swift you changed my life”

Liz Rose is a country music songwriter. She was born in Dallas but grew up in Irving Texas. She wrote songs for Taylor Swift’s debut album. Liz has also worked with Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw and Swedish country singer Jill Johnson.

Odyssey Sims


American professional basketball player Odyssey Sims was born in Irving, Texas in 1992. Sims is a graduate of MacArthur High School.

Paul Hill

Do Deliberate Leadership Values Matter? | Paul Hill | TEDxBlinnCollege

Paul Hill was the Director of Mission Operations at the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston. Hill Graduated from Irving high school. Paul led one of the Columbia accident investigation teams.

Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson is a fashion model, actress and designer. She was born in Irving in 1982. Erin appeared in the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

History of Irving

19th Century


Virginia natives John W. and Jestine Gorbit had established a farm in this area by 1850. Eventually a settlement called Gorbit grew as a postal route. A man named Jonathan Story moved to the area from Illinois with his wife and 13 Children.


One of Jonathan Story’s son’s, Isaac “Ike” Story, opened a store and a post office. The store served as the post office and social gathering place for Gorbit residents.

Isaac “Ike” Story and his daughters.


The Gorbit post office and settlement was renamed because of a similarly named
post office. The Post Office Department asked Story to select another name for his post
office. He chose the name Kit.


First school in the are was opened in 1890 by Mark Callister Lively. locals called the school Lively School.

20th Century


In 1903, J.O. “Otto” Schulze and Otis Brown founded Irving one mile west of the Kit community, along the tracks of the Rock Island Railroad. It is believed that the town was named after Author Washington Irving.


Otis Brown became the first Mayor of Irving when the town incorporated.


In 1935 Irving had a population of 357.


Plymouth Park Shopping Center opened as one of the largest shopping centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


University of Dallas was established.


Irving population had reached 45,895 due in part to the post World War 2 housing boom.


In October Texas stadium Hosted its first Dallas Cowboy game with a win over the New England Patriots.


Las Colinas was developed and soon became a destination for relocating companies.


Construction of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport began helping to boost the growth of Irving.

Irving Texas is now home to over 240,000 people and 8,500 local and multi-national companies.