Step Back in Time: This is the Historic House Tied to JFK’s Assassination

A Notable Residence

The house where Lee Harvey Oswald spent his last night before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is located at 2515 W. Fifth Street in Irving, Texas. Built in 1956, this house is now known as the Ruth Paine House Museum.

Oswald’s Connection

In April 1963, Ruth Paine invited Marina Oswald and her children to live with her. Lee Harvey Oswald would visit on weekends, and it’s believed he stored the rifle used in the assassination in the garage of this house.

Ruth Paine House
Ruth Paine House

Restoration and Museum Conversion

The City of Irving purchased the house in 2009 for $175,000. After renters left in 2011, the city restored the house to its 1963 appearance. The restoration included period-correct furnishings, appliances, and even a 1950s roof. The aim was to create an accurate representation of the mid-century home, preserving its historical context.

Ruth Paine House
Ruth Paine House

Museum Features

The Ruth Paine House Museum features interpretive text and photo panels that guide visitors through the home’s history. Holographic projections of actors reenact events from the historic day, bringing the home to life. The visitor center, located at the Irving Central Library, displays vintage TV sets, newspapers, and other period-specific artifacts.

Ruth Paine House
Ruth Paine House

Tour Information

Tours of the Ruth Paine House Museum start at the visitor center in the Irving Central Library. They are available from Tuesday to Saturday, providing a comprehensive look at the events leading up to the assassination. These tours offer a glimpse into life in a 1950s suburban home.

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