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People From Bedford

Mayor Michael Boyter

Michael Boyter Bedford Mayor

Courtney Kupets

Courtney Kupets
By David Thévenot

Courtney Kupets is a is a former artistic gymnast. She was born July 27 1986 in Bedford Texas.

Myles Turner

Myles Turner
By Erik Drost

Myles Turner is a professional basketball player. Turner was born March 24 1996 in Bedford.

Scott Chandler

Scott Chandler
By Jeffrey Beall

Scott Chandler is former National Football Player. He was born in Bedford July 23 1985.

Donnie Hart

Donnie Hart Bedford

Donnie Hart is a professional baseball pitcher. He was born in Bedford September 6, 1990.

Daniel Woolard

Daniel Wollard
By Warrenfish

Daniel Wollard former soccer player and attorney. He was born in Bedford on the 22nd of May 1984.

Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray
By ScottyMo1

Kyler Murray is an American football quarterback. Murray was born in Bedford Texas August 7 1997.

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