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In 1841 a road was created by the Republic of Texas and named Preston Trail. The road was used as a link between Central and North Texas. Preston trail followed an ancient Indian trail from Mexico to central Texas. It ran through a town called Lebanon. In the early 1900’s most of the residents in Lebanon moved about 2 miles north to take advantage of a new railroad line called the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway.

After the move, land owner Francis Emerson promised to establish a bank in the new town only if the town was named after him. The name Emerson was denied by the Post Office Department. After failing to name the new town Emerson, Frisco City became the new name.

Frisco Texas is home to the mansion featured on the hit TV show Dallas.

In 2017 the Dallas cowboys moved their cooperate headquarters from  Valley Ranch to Frisco.

NFL’s Dallas Cowboys headquarters in Frisco Texas.

Today Frisco has a population of over 200,000 and continues to grow.The population is 59% White, 18% Asian, 11% Hispanic or Latino and 8% Black. Frisco has a median income of over $127,000. Over the years Frisco has been one of the best places to live in the United States according to multiple news outlets.

People From Frisco

Jeff Cheney

Jeff Cheney

Jeff Cheney has been mayor of Frisco since May 2017.

Jay Ajayi

NFL running back attended Frisco Liberty High School.

Cloyce Box

Cloyce Box played in the NFL for the Detroit Lions from 1949 to 1954.

Cheyenne Kimball

Singer and song writer Cheyenne Kimball was born in Frisco Texas.

Zuzu Bolin

Texas blues guitarist Zuzu Bolin was born in Frisco Texas.

Darin Brooks

Best known for playing Max Brady in the soap opera, Days of Our Lives.