Plaza Tower: New Orleans’ Forgotten Giant and Its Troubled History

In 2002, 700 employees from the Louisiana state and New Orleans District Attorney’s Office were relocated from the Plaza Tower on Howard Avenue to Common Street. Concerns about asbestos and toxic mold prompted this move. Since then, the third tallest building in Louisiana has remained sealed off. Redevelopment plans have come and gone, with the building exchanging hands multiple times, all while continuing to deteriorate. The was building was owned by Joe Jaeger who died recently in a car crash.

Construction of the Plaza Tower began in 1964 but was halted when the developer ran out of money. Work resumed in 1966 after the building was sold at auction, and it was completed in 1969. The 531-foot-tall tower was recently valued at $155,000. No new redevelopment plans have been announced. Last year the city had plans to demolished the building but they were later abandoned.

In 2021, a net was mounted at the top of the building after falling debris injured a cyclist.

Plaza Tower in 2023

Location History

The Plaza Tower is within walking distance of the Caesars Superdome, home of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints.
In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The aerial image below was captured a few weeks later, showing floodwater surrounding the Superdome.

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