New Wild Fork Foods Is Replacing This Chevron In Las Colinas

Wild Fork Foods is building a new location in Las Colinas, Irving, at 7201 State Highway 161. The specialty meat store will replace the Chevron gas station that has been a landmark since the early 1990s. The project received zoning approval from the City of Irving, and the planned building will cover 4,500 square feet.

The new Wild Fork Foods is replacing the Chevron Gas Station on the northeast corner of the MacArthur and President Bush Turnpike.

The site is just north of the Pediatric Center of Las Colinas and the Las Colinas Whole Foods Market. Wild Fork Foods currently has five locations in the DFW area. The store, founded in 2017 and owned by JBS, the world’s largest meat packer, specializes in a wide range of meats.

Early September 2023 Images

Wild Fork Foods offers conventional meats as well as exotic options like alligator and ostrich. In addition to in-store shopping, they provide online ordering and subscription services.

The Chevron gas station building was built in the early 1990s.

Location History

The Chevron station was the first major development at the northeast corner of North MacArthur Blvd and President George Bush Turnpike. Its replacement with Wild Fork Foods marks a new chapter for this corner of Las Colinas.

This 2001 Google aerial image was taken during the turnpikes construction.
2017 Street View of the site.

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