Covington’s New Costco Opens Soon At This Location

The upcoming Covington Costco is nearing its opening day in August, as listed on the company’s website. Costco’s new 159,000-square-foot facility will join other Nord du Lac Shopping Mall retailers like Kohl’s, Academy Sports, and Hobby Lobby.

2004: The area near Interstate 12 in Covington was heavily wooded with no signs of development.

This $45.8 million store will create about 150 new jobs and feature all the usual Costco amenities. Nord du Lac Shopping Mall was completed in 2010 with retail buildings on the same location. These buildings were never fully utilized and were eventually razed to make way for Costco.

2024: The site has been transformed with the construction of the new Costco facility, part of the Nord du Lac Shopping Mall.

In the 1950s, Louisiana Highway 21 was the only infrastructure in this area. The development pace changed with the arrival of Interstate 12 in the 1970s, although significant development did not begin until the late 2000s.

Last Updated on June 16, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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