A New Target Joins Stafford’s Mixed-Use Community: Here is the Location History

Target will become a key part of Stafford’s $500 million master-planned community, The Grid, with a new 124,000-square-foot store at 12565 Arc Lane. The Grid already boasts multiple apartment complexes, businesses, a variety of eateries, and a Costco Business Center. The new Target will be just west of the Costco.

Aerial view from 1978 showing the future site of Target in Stafford, near Interstate 69. The Texas Instruments campus is visible, reflecting the early stages of development in the area.

Historical aerial images show this area as farmland in the 1930s. It remained unchanged for three decades until the construction of Interstate 69 (Southwest Freeway) in the 1960s. The Texas Instruments campus arrived simultaneously, marking the start of Houston’s suburban expansion into Stafford during the 1970s and 1980s. Throughout these changes, the exact location of the new Target remained vacant. That is now changing, with the project expected to be complete by August 2025.

Aerial view from 2023 highlighting the location of the new Target store in Stafford’s The Grid community, situated just west of the Costco Business Center.

Last Updated on June 28, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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