A New Target Opens Soon at This Location In Midtown St. Louis

A 70,000-square-foot Target store will anchor the new Edwin on Grand mixed-use building on at 900 South Grand Blvd in the Midtown neighborhood of St. Louis. Developed by Pier Property Group, this $60 million project is strategically located within walking distance of the Saint Louis University campus, offering convenience for students and residents alike​.

The development features 196 luxury apartments situated above the medium-sized Target store, which occupies the first floor. Construction began in 2021 and has just wrapped up in June 2024, with the Target store slated to open next month in July 2024​ ​.

This project aims to enhance the urban living experience by providing a safe, walkable environment with ample amenities, including a 200-space parking garage and 140 surface parking spots​​.

Location History

Street view from the corner of Grand Blvd and Steelcote Square, showing the area before redevelopment.
View looking north from Steelcote Square, showcasing the open space before development began.
View of the same site in 2022, highlighting the progress in construction.
Aerial view of the site, indicating its initial state prior to construction.
By 2021, the old building had been demolished, clearing the way for new construction.
Aerial view showing the early stages of construction, marking the beginning of the project.

Saint Louis Missouri Facts

  • St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri after Kansas City.
  • It was named after Louis IX, the king of France from 1226 to 1270.
  • After being ceded to Spain in 1764, the area was sold to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
  • In 1876, St. Louis voted to secede from St. Louis county becoming an independent city.

Target Facts

Super Target In Hurst Texas.
  • Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States
  • The company operates over 1900 stores in the United States.
  • The First store was opened in  Roseville, Minnesota.
  • Established as the discount division of Dayton’s department store in Minneapolis in 1962.

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