In 2022, Reese & Ray’s IGA shut its doors but Albertsons plans to open a new store in the same 45-year-old building in Laurel, Montana. The future Albertsons is just north of Interstate 90 on exit 434 in the southern part of the city nicknamed The Hub of Montana.

While neighboring Billings has 7 Albertsons locations, this will be the only one in Laurel. The Boise, Idaho-based company was founded in 1939 and has seen a lot of growth ever since. It is now in 12 states mostly in the west of the United States and operates up to 20 other stores with different banners.

The new Albertsons is expected to open in 2023.

Location History

The building was built in 1978. Aerial images of the area go back to 1950 and they show very little development until the years following the Interstate 90 construction in the 60s.

1995 Google aerial view of the area.
Same view in 2021 with multiple new businesses.
2007 street view from 1st Avenue. The store was calls Jan’s IGA at the time.
14 years later, the name had changed to Reese & Ray’s after being sold to new owners in 2008.

205 S 1st Ave, Laurel, Montana 59044

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