Colorado’s First Buc-ee’s Opened This Year In Johnstown at This Location

Texas-based gas station and convenience store Buc-ee’s opened its first location in Colorado in March at 5201 Nugget Road, Berthoud. The new 74,000-square-foot facility features 116 fuel pumps and is situated on the southwest corner of the Interstate 25 and Weld County Road 48 intersection, approximately 45 miles north of downtown Denver. Previously used for agricultural purposes, this site marks Buc-ee’s first foray into Colorado. The Johnstown Buc-ee’s is now a significant landmark for travelers and locals alike. The images below show the location history.


Aerial images date back to 1948 with no major development except for Interstate in the 1960s.
2021 aerial view before construction.
Street View looking southwest in 2007.
View from the same location in 2021.

Buc-ee's Facts

  • Buc-ee’s locations have fuel pumps that range from 80 to 120 fueling positions for gas and diesel. 
  • The largest travel center is in New Braunfels, Texas, on Interstate 35.
  • Arch “Beaver” Aplin opened the first store in Clute, Texas back in 1982.
  • Buc-ee’s headquarters is in Lake Jackson, Texas.
Denton Buc-ee's.

Johnstown Facts

  • Johnstown had a population of 18,204 in 2021.
  • The town was named after Harvey J. Parish's son in 1902.
  • It has a total area of 13.52 square miles,

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