A New Chipotle Will Replace the Closed NASA Parkway Luby’s in Nassau Bay

1600 E NASA Parkway in Nassau Bay, a satellite city of Houston, once home to a beloved Luby’s restaurant, is about to experience an exciting transformation. After being closed for the past four years, the location will soon host a new kind of dining experience. According to TDLR filings, Chipotle plans to renovate the building, shifting from the old cafeteria style to their signature made-to-order format.

In 1944, this area near 1600 E NASA Parkway was predominantly grazing land, showcasing the rural landscape before the arrival of NASA and other developments.

The building, originally completed in 1995, saw Luby’s close its doors in 2020. This part of Houston has a rich history, with aerial images dating back to the 1940s showing it as grazing land. The 1960s brought significant development with the completion of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which spurred the growth of new businesses and neighborhoods. In 1992, the Space Center Museum opened across the street from the future Chipotle site, adding another landmark to the area.

This 1995 aerial image shows 1600 E NASA Parkway with the Luby’s restaurant under construction. The surrounding area reflects the ongoing development spurred by the nearby NASA Johnson Space Center.
This aerial view from 2023 shows the area around 1600 E NASA Parkway, highlighting the significant development and urbanization near NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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