Urban Value Corner Store in Las Colinas: Location History

Urban Value is a convenience store in Las Colinas at 900 Lake Carolyn Parkway.The new corner store is on the first floor of The Carolyn apartment building on Lake Carolyn Parkway.

Urban Value stores are located in high-density apartment complex communities. They focus on making it easier for apartment dwellers to have access to everyday necessities.

The images Google images below captured the areas transformation since 2001.

Location History

In 2001 the area did not have any of the apartments as shown in this Google maps aerial view.
Aerial view 19 years later. Construction for the building began in 2018.
Street view of the same site, looking south towards Lake Carolyn in 2017.
2019 Street View a year into the construction of The Carolyn.
The same site in 2021.

What Does Urban Value Offer?

Image from www.urbanvaluestore.com

Urban Value Corner Store sells mostly essential household items and medications. They also sell snacks and drinks like any convenience store.

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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