Burlington Coat Factory In Waterbury, Connecticut

Discount department store, Burlington Coat Factory, is getting ready to open a new location in Peoria, Arizona. The new Burlington is replacing a Barnes & Noble book store which moved to the Arrowhead Palms shopping center on Bell Road. Just 600 yards away.

The new Burlington is located a walking distance from the Peoria Sports Complex.

Peoria’s new Burlington is scheduled to open in March 2022.

Interesting Burlington Facts

  • In 1972 Monroe and Henrietta Milstein purchased a former factory outlet in Burlington, New Jersey, for $675,050.
  • With 31 locations, Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation went public in 1983.
  • Bain Capital Partners purchased the company in 2006 for $2.06 billion.
  • In 2021 Burlington had 761 locations throughout the United States.
  • After TJX Companies and Ross Stores, Burlington is the third largest discount department store in the United States.


7685 W Bell Road, Peoria, AZ 85382

Barnes & Noble on the location in 2013.
Crews working on the building in 2021.
Aerial view of the new Burlington location in 2021.