Target’s Homestead Location: A Historical Look at the Development

The following timeline of images illustrates the rapid and continuous development in Homestead, Florida, culminating in the opening of the new Target store almost a year ago. The store’s location in the eastern end of the Homestead Pavilion at 2551 NE 9th Ct, near Exit 2 on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, makes it a convenient destination for shoppers in the Miami metro area.

Location History

A street view from 2019 shows the future Target location from NE 10th Court. At this point, the land was still an open field, awaiting the next phase of commercial development.
By March 2022, construction of the Target store was well underway. The structure was beginning to take shape, reflecting the ongoing progress and investment in the area.
The August 2022 street view captures the later stages of construction. The building’s exterior was nearing completion, showcasing the swift advancements made over just a few months.
The 1994 aerial image shows the area 12 years before the construction of the Homestead Pavilion Mall. The landscape was primarily undeveloped, with large open spaces and minimal infrastructure.
By 2008, significant development had taken place. The Homestead Pavilion Mall is prominently visible, indicating the rapid growth and urbanization of the area over the span of 14 years.2008 aerial view.
The August 2022 aerial image provides a comprehensive look at the completed Target store within the Homestead Pavilion shopping center. The new store fits seamlessly into the existing retail landscape, enhancing the shopping options available to local residents.

Target Facts

  • Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States
  • The company operates over 1900 stores in the United States.
  • The First store was opened in  Roseville, Minnesota.
  • Established as the discount division of Dayton’s department store in Minneapolis in 1962.

4 Famous People Born In Homestead Florida

Jeff Zucker

Former president of CNN.

Lacey Sturm

Singer and songwriter.

Tracy Grammer

Folk songer.

John Brown

NFL wide receiver.

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