New Target Store to Open in Lake Tahoe’s Village Center

The Raley’s in Tahoe Village Center, South Lake Tahoe, California, was temporarily closed due to the roof caving in from heavy snowfall. With the lease expiring in June 2023, a new retailer has been announced to take its place. Target, the retail giant, has listed a new 63,000-square-foot store on its website, scheduled to open in the same location.

This closed Raley’s will be turned into a Target store.

Raley’s, operating over 120 stores in California and Nevada, will make way for Target’s expansion. Tahoe Village Center, located on Lake Tahoe Blvd and within walking distance of the Nevada border, is a popular tourist destination. Visitors flock here for skiing at the nearby Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort and water activities on Lake Tahoe.

Super Target in Hurst, Texas.
Super Target in Hurst, Texas.

Target’s new store in Tahoe Village Center is part of its strategy to open small-format stores in urban and suburban markets across California and the US. This addition aims to serve both tourists and locals, enhancing the shopping experience in South Lake Tahoe.

Location History

South Lake Tahoe’s Village Center was built in 1964; before then, the area had no development. There are aerial images of the area going back to the 1940s.

Same location in 1940 before any development.
Aerial View of the site in 1940, before any development.
Same view 29 years later. 5 years after Tahoe Village Center was built.
Same view 29 years later. This was 5 years after Tahoe Village Center was built.
2017 aerial view.
Tahoe Village Shopping Center sign in 2018.

4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd Ste 6, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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