New Popeye’s to Open at Former Wendy’s Location in Gainesville

Popeye’s is opening a new location at the southwest corner of Interstate 35 and California Street in Gainesville, Texas. This new restaurant, at 600 West California Street (FM 51), involves renovating the closed Wendy’s building.

For residents from DFW who frequent the nearby WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma, this spot might be familiar. The renovation will finish by late November 2024. Consequently, Wendy’s fans will need to switch to chicken or visit the adjacent McDonald’s or Taco Bell.

The former Wendy’s building at 600 West California Street, Gainesville, Texas, which will be renovated into a Popeye’s. This image shows the proximity of other fast-food options like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, offering alternatives for local residents and travelers.

Interestingly, the building, completed in 1985, has a rich history. Historical aerial images reveal that a structure, possibly a commercial or religious institution stood here, before the Wendy’s restaurant, as far back as the late 1950s.

An aerial view of the future Popeye’s location at 600 West California Street, Gainesville, Texas. This site, previously occupied by Wendy’s, is set for renovation and transformation into a Popeye’s by late November 2024. Visible landmarks include Interstate 35 and Farm Road 51, with the Medal of Honor Host City Park nearby.

Additionally, next to the upcoming Popeye’s is the Medal of Honor Host City Park, honoring fallen soldiers who earned the Medal of Honor.

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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