A New McDonald’s Is Now Open in Fort Worth

Since 1979, the southwest corner of Boat Club Road and Lake Country Drive has been home to a laid-back one-story 6600-square-foot commercial building. Now it is home to the new fast-food restaurant belonging to the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain. This McDonalds is one of 2 new locations in North Forth Worth and the other will be three miles away on North Saginaw Boulevard. Lake Country Christian School is to the north as well as the new Lake Country Elementary School and a CVS store.

The new Fort Worth McDonalds is expected to be complete by November 2023.

Historic aerial images of this location go back to the 1950s. Back then, Fort Worth had a population hovering around 300,000. Boat Club Road was a dirt road and the site had no development. In the same decade, a row of high-voltage power lines appeared to the east of the site. In the 1970s, Lake Country Drive was built as well as a water tower and the razed commercial/office building that has been replaced by the new McDonalds.

  • New McDonalds on Boat Club Road in Fort Worth nearing completion in September 2023.
  • View of the W Bailey Boswell Road sign from the new McDonalds in Fort Worth.
  • Looking north from the new McDonalds towards the CVS.
  • A lake Country Square sign on Boat Club Road.
  • Water Tower next to Fort Worth Fire Station 40.

Location History

The last Google Street View of the commercial building that was razed to make way for the new McDonald's.
The last Google Street View of the commercial building that was razed to make way for the new McDonald’s.
Aerial Image of the McDonald's location in 2001.
Aerial Image of the McDonald’s location in 2001, 22 years before.
This 2023 Aerial Image shows the New McDonalds under construction in 2023.
This 2023 Aerial Image shows the new location under construction in 2023. The most noticeable change to the landscape is the addition of Lake Country Elementary School.

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