Waffle House Expands With a New Restaurant in Forest Hill

Waffle House is gearing up to introduce a new restaurant in Forest Hill, Texas, just off Interstate 20 at 3207 Forest Hill Circle. This establishment will stand alongside other prominent fast-casual dining spots to the east of the Wichita Street and Interstate 20 intersection, all arrayed along Forest Hill Circle. Both Wichita Street and Forest Hill Circle were prominent features in aerial photos as far back as 1952. During that era, a small reservoir was noticeable along a creek, which has since undergone several re-routings. There also existed a road leading to what likely served as a farmhouse.

1995 aerial photo showing the future site of Waffle House near Wichita Street and Interstate 20. Historically, this area hosted a farmhouse until the 1970s.

Originating in Georgia in 1955, Waffle House has expanded significantly, now boasting over 1900 locations across the Midwest and the South. The expected completion of this project is October 2024.

2023 aerial view of the planned Waffle House location at 3207 Forest Hill Circle, just off Interstate 20. The site will soon join a row of well-known eateries along Forest Hill Circle.

Last Updated on May 8, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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