Famous people born in Austin

Famous People Born In Austin Texas

Austin is the capitol city of Texas and the 11th-most populous city in the United States. It is home to approximately 1,0000,000 people and 2,117,000 in the Austin metropolitan area. Here is a list of some of the famous people born in Austin Texas.

Marshall Allman

By Joe Mabel

Marshall Scot Allman is an television actor known for his role as L. J. Burrows in the show Prison Break. Marshall was born in Austin, April 5, 1984. In 2002 he graduated from Austin High School.

Angela Bettis

Angela Marie Bettis is a film and stage actress. She is also a producer and director and known for her roles in the Television Horror, Carrie and the psychological drama Girl, Interrupted. She was born January 9, 1973 in Austin and graduated from Westlake High School.

 William B. Travis High School

Ken Boswell

Ken Boswell is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) second baseman. He played for the New York Mets and the Houston Astros. Boswell was born February 23, 1946 in Austin and attended William B. Travis High School.

 William B. Travis High School

Mehcad Brooks

By Thomas Attila Lewis

Mehcad Brooks is is an actor and former fashion model. Brooks had roles in the television series Desperate Housewives and the TV series Necessary Roughness. He was born October 25, 1980 in Austin and attended L.C. Anderson High School.

Gary Clark Jr.

By Adam Bielawski

Gary Lee Clark Jr. is a Grammy winning musician known for being a prolific live performer. He was born February 15, 1984 in Austin Texas and attended Austin High School.

Dabney Coleman

Dabney Wharton Coleman is an actor best known for his roles in films like The Towering Inferno and WarGames. Coleman was born January 3, 1932 in Austin, Texas. He studied law at the University of Texas.

Ben Crenshaw

By Keith Allison

Ben Daniel Crenshaw is a retired American professional golfer who was born in Austin Texas on January 11, 1952. Crenshaw has won 19 events and the Masters Tournament twice. He attended Austin High School.

Carly Fiorina

By Antônio Milena/AB

Cara Carleton “Carly” Fiorina is a businesswoman and politician. She was CEO of Hewlett-Packard and she ran unsuccessfully for the United States Senate and President. Carly was born September 6, 1954, in Austin, Texas.

Nick Foles

By Matthew Straubmuller

Nicholas Edward Foles is a National Football League (NFL) quarterback. Foles has played for 5 NFL teams and won Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was born January 20, 1989 in Austin, Texas and graduated in 2007 from Westlake High School.

Westlake High School

Tom Ford

By Nicolas Genin

Thomas Carlyle Ford is a fashion designer and filmmaker. He served as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. In 2006 he launched his own fashion line of menswear and accessories. Tom was born August 27, 1961 in Austin Texas.

Baker Mayfield

By Erik Drost

Baker Mayfield is a National Football League (NFL) quarterback. He was a first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Mayfield was born April 14th in 1995 and was the starting quarterback at Lake Travis High School.

Lake Travis High School

Ethan Hawke

By Nicolas Genin

Ethan Green Hawke is a actor, writer, and director. Hawke has starred in over 70 films including Training Day and Boyhood. He has been nominated for 4 academy awards. Hawke was born November 6, 1970 in Austin, Texas.

Amber Heard

By gdcgraphics

Film and television actress, Amber Laura Heard was born April 22, 1986 in Austin Texas. She has starred in over 35 films and over 10 Television show.


By Adam Bielawski

Rapper, singer and songwriter Nelly was born Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. on November 2nd, 1974 in Austin, Texas. Nelly has sold over 21 million records and starred in 3 films.

Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Patrick Runnels an American professional wrestler, author, and actor. He was born April 11, 1969 in Austin, Texas. Dustin has also starred in 4 films.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Mayi Johnson is an actress and model who has starred in over 30 films. She is most famous for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey. Johnson was born October 4, 1989 in Austin Texas at Brackenridge Hospital.