The New Loomis Costco Is Now Open At This Location

Despite numerous disputes and delays, the new Loomis Costco store’s construction progressed steadily and the store has now opened. This development promises significant changes to the local landscape and economy.

The store is on the southeast corner of Sierra College Boulevard and Brace Road. In 2022, an agreement was reached, marking a significant breakthrough. Costco agreed to pay Rocklin $3.75 million to mitigate traffic impacts, introducing revised site plans to extend the northbound right-turn entry lane from Sierra College Boulevard into the development.

Costco built a new store on the southeast corner of Brace Road and Sierra College Blvd.

However, a compromise was necessary. The original plans, which included a 24-pump gas station and a tire center, were cut from the project. Legal disputes over the new Costco store had been ongoing since 2018, involving the town of Loomis and the city of Rocklin.

The store is on the border of these two communities, and disagreements primarily revolved around the potential traffic impacts along Sierra College Boulevard and the need for proper mitigation measures.

2023 Street View from Sierra College Blvd.

The new 155,000 square-foot Costco store will generate over $1 million in annual tax revenue for the town. Located next to the Sierra Meadows Apartments and a McDonald’s to the south, it transforms an area that was once rural farmland. The store officially opened on May 23, 2024.

Loomis Costco Location History

Aerial images dating back to 1952 reveal a time when the area was nothing more than farmland. Construction of the apartments on the site took place in the 1960s. However, it’s only now that the Costco site is seeing such a significant development.

1993 aerial view.
Same view 29 years later.
Street View looking southeast over the new Costco site.
Same View in 2023.

Notable People Associated With Loomis, California

Alex Obert

Water polo player Alex Obert grew up in Loomis.

James Irvin

Irvin is the former WEC Heavyweight Champion and he attended Del Oro High School in Loomis.

Jack Wood

NASCAR driver Jack Wood was born in Loomis.

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