Famous People From Texas

Famous People From Waco Texas

Flag of Waco Texas

Waco is a city of over 140,000 people and a metropolitan area population of over 270000. Located halfway between Dallas and Austin in Texas. It is home to Baylor University and these 10 famous people were either born or raised in Waco, Texas.

Arthur Rhodes


Arthur Rhodes is a former Major League Baseball left-handed relief pitcher. Born in Waco Texas, Rhodes played high school baseball at La Vega High School in Waco.

Shannon Elizabeth

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Shannon Elizabeth is an actress, poker player and former fashion model. She was raised in Waco, Texas and attended Waco High School. She starred in many films including Scary Movie and American Pie.

Texas Guinan


Texas Guinan was an actress, producer and entrepreneur. She was born in Waco and attended parochial school at the Loretta Convent in Waco. She died in 1933.

Pat Green


Pat Green is a Texas Country artist with multiple studio albums. Green was raised in Waco, where he attended Vanguard College Preparatory School. 

LaDainian Tomlinson

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LaDainian Tomlinson is a former professional football player who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Tomlinson attended University High School in Waco, Texas.

Roy Hargrove

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Roy Hargrove was a jazz trumpeter. He was born in Waco and moved to Dallas at age 9. Hargrove won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album with his band. He died in 2018.

Perrish Cox

Jeffrey Beall

Perrish Cox is a former American football cornerback and return specialist. Perrish attended University High School in Waco.

Ashlee Simpson


Ashlee Simpson is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She is singer and actress Jessica Simpson’s younger sister. Ashlee was born in Waco Texas.

Steve Martin

Actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician Steve Martin was raised in Inglewood, California but born in Waco Texas. Martin has earned five Grammy Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award and has starred in many films and television shows.

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jennifer Love Hewitt is an actress, producer and singer. She began he career as a child actress and singer. Jennifer has since starred in over 25 films and countless television shows. Hewitt was born in Waco Texas.