Plymouth Park Shopping Center

Plymouth Park Shopping Center In Irving Texas

Plymouth Park

Plymouth Park Shopping Center in Irving Texas is currently being demolished after 66 years. When it was opened in 1955 Plymouth Park was one of the biggest shopping centers in the DFW metropolitan area. At 750,000 square feet the shopping center was a big attraction in the dawn of the Mall era.

September 2020

The demolition is being done by JR’s Demolition. A company based in Irving Texas.

Plymouth Park was home to many classic businesses like Leonard’s department store which later became Dillards and eventually Fazio’s. The building was later shut down and demolished by 2018.

Recent Stores

Plymouth Park Levines
Plymouth Park Levines
Sam's Furniture
Sam’s Furniture
Plymouth Park old Leonard's, Dillard's and Fazio's
Plymouth Park old Leonard’s, Dillard’s and Fazio’s
Plymouth Park Market Latina
Plymouth Park Market Latina
Plymouth Park Shopping Center

Part of the Plymouth Park Shopping Center is still home to a Irving Post office and a Restaurant called Wonderful World of Cooking Cafe facing east.

October 2019

Plymouth Park History


Plymouth Park aerial view 1945
Plymouth Park . Source: Edwin J. Foscue Map Library, Southern Methodist University 1945

This aerial photograph by the United States Army Air Force for the Department of Agriculture was taken in in 1945. The red arrow shows the same site before the construction of Irving Blvd. West Grauwyler is labeled number 9 and number 10 is W Pioneer Drive.


Plymouth Park 1958
Plymouth Park 1958. Source: USDA (1958-01-07 – 1958-05-07)

13 years later this 1958 aerial photograph shows Plymouth Park after the construction of Irving blvd. On the top left corner you can see undeveloped land north of Texas State Highway 183 where the Irving Mall is now located.


Sears Irving 1971
Sears Irving 1971

On August 4, 1971 the Irving Mall opened and Plymouth Park Shopping Center began to decline.


Plymouth Park aerial view
Plymouth Park aerial view

In 2005 plans were made to spend more than $1 million on a face-lift and other upgrades but it seems the plans fell through.

We would like to hear your Plymouth Park memories in the comment section below.


  1. I grew up in Irving and I still live here. Moved here in 1961 when I was 2 years old. Plymouth Park has always been a part of my life and I am sad to see it go. I remember going to skillern’s for school supplies, jc Penney for new dresses and ME Moses for paper dolls, candy and gifts for my teachers as a kid. You could get a shake or soda at Skillern’s. Took dancing lessons at Riley’s and went to Chubby’s for French fries after. Used to be a Hardies Hamburgers with stools outside to sit and eat. My sister worked at Sanger Harris. I remember Leonard’s, Fabio’s, Hallmark and all of the other stores there over the years. It is so strange to see the location bare now. I hope the future holds something good to replace all of the memories of the past.

    1. I was born in 1952, and my family moved into a new home on Plymouth Drive at Massasoit. Right behind our neighborhood was the leftover of what was Irving’s Municipal Airport (along Story Road). There were, for about 10 years, several aircraft hangers and even a observation tower. All of that was torn down and replaced with Hardee’s (I got the first milk shake they ever served!). Bearden’s Furniture Store was also built on Story Road afterwards. It replaced Kate’s Donuts.

      At the shopping center,White’s Automotive Store was where Leonard’s and Later Fazoi’s were located.

      I remember all of the stores you mentioned. Quite a few special events occurred in the main parking lot of Plymouth Park, such as carnivals and quarter-midget car races. The light towers would be decorated as Christmas trees for the Season.

      Things started to go downhill after Irving Mall opened in August, 1971. By then, I had gone off to college.

    1. We keep hearing it’s going to have an assisted living center; among other things. I guess we’ll know soon. Demolition is pretty much complete at this point.

  2. The Christmas trees on the light poles installed annually by the Irving Fire Dept.
    Walking to Cooper’s Toy Store & Skillern’s Drug Store. When Leonard’s was constructed on the street between Skillern’s and the cafeteria; Wyatt’s I believe.

  3. I won a $5,000 shopping spree there around 1986. I won $100 gift card at Michael’s which put me in the pool with 50 other winners for grand prize. The drawing was at Levine’s. It was a great windfall for a stay at home mom of 3. Spent most of it at Fazio’s and Levine’s. There was also a Catholic bookstore where I was able to buy a nice bible. My husband and his family moved to Irving in 1965 and remembers the mall fondly.

  4. We moved to Irving in 1964, and bought our home just west of T.J. Lee Elementary School in 1968 (I still live there). Plymouth Park was my wife’s favored shopping destination. Her preferred store was Sanger-Harris, which stood where the Plymouth Park Baptist Church parking lot is now located.

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