Collin Creek in Plano: From Mall to New Mixed Use Community

A massive new community is under construction in Plano, Texas. The Collin Creek Development broke ground in 2021, replacing Collin Creek Mall, which closed in 2019. This mixed-use community spans from 15th Street to Plano Parkway (north to south) and from Central Expressway to Alma Drive (east to west).

The Collin Creek Mall area in 2005 shows a bustling shopping center with a full parking lot, indicating a high volume of visitors and activity.

Collin Creek Mall, opened in 1981, was built over a creek that still flows beneath the property. The mall featured a river walk, fountains, and an indoor creek. By the time it closed, only a central fountain remained. The mall originally had five anchor stores: JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, Sears, Sanger Harris, and Dillard’s. The Sanger Harris store became Macy’s in 2006, and Lord & Taylor was converted into a Mervyn’s department store. In 1990, Lord & Taylor closed, marking the beginning of the mall’s decline. When the mall closed in 2019, the Mervyn’s space had transformed into Amazing Jake’s restaurant and playland.

The February 2024 image captures the early stages of residential construction at the Collin Creek Development site. Notice the significant transformation and ongoing construction activity compared to the 2005 image.

Centurion American Development Group purchased Collin Creek Mall with plans to turn the shopping center into a $1 billion mixed-use project. The site now boasts a $67 million underground parking garage with nearly 2,000 spots. The project also includes significant underground work, such as storm drain upgrades. Once complete, Collin Creek will feature 308,000 square feet of retail space, 2,800 single and multi-family homes, 300 independent living units, numerous hotel rooms, and millions of square feet of office space. The development will also offer parks and walking trails.

These aerial images illustrate the transformation of the area since 2005. The earliest aerial images date back to the 1950s, showing farmland with a creek before the construction of Central Expressway.

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