Fascinating History of Burnett Field: A Dallas Landmark

Burnett Field was a beloved ballpark located at the northeast corner of Jefferson Blvd and Colorado Blvd in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. Built in 1924, it was initially named Gardner Park II after the original Gardner Park burned down. After several name changes, the park was officially named Burnett Field in 1948.

The ballpark could accommodate 10,500 fans and was home to many minor league baseball teams, most notably the Dallas Rangers. In 1960, the Dallas Cowboys used Burnett Field as a training facility. However, the ballpark closed in 1964 and was later razed. Since then, the location has remained mostly vacant, although it was used as a construction staging area for the Trinity River Bridge expansion in the late 2010s.

Location History

Burnett Field in 1952 before the construction of Interstate 35.
2015 as a staging area for the Trinity River Bridge construction.

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