Westworth Village is Getting a New Braum’s Restaurant

Westworth Village, a small city, will soon host a new Braum’s restaurant at 6525 Westworth Blvd, next to the historic Thompson Community Cemetery. The site, still undeveloped, nestles southeast of Fort Worth’s Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base and beside the Hawks Creek Golf Club. Various eateries line Westworth Blvd, opposite the planned Braum’s location. Historical aerial images from the 1950s reveal a small neighborhood, close to the then-newly built base from 1942, known as Tarrant Field during World War II. By the late 2000s, developers had replaced the homes with commercial buildings.

2001 aerial view of the future Braum’s site in Westworth Village, with the now-demolished neighborhood visible across Westworth Blvd. This snapshot captures the earlier residential landscape before transforming into a commercial zone near the historic Thompson Community Cemetery.

Founded in 1968, the Oklahoma-based Braum’s is a family-owned restaurant celebrated for its ice cream and food. Braum’s maintains a policy of opening locations no more than 300 miles from its main farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma, ensuring freshness and control over its products. This strategy has enabled Braum’s to operate around 300 locations across Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri.

2024 aerial view of the upcoming Braum’s location on Westworth Blvd, Westworth Village. The image highlights the absence of the residential area, which was replaced by commercial development by the late 2000s. Notable landmarks such as the Hawks Creek Golf Club and Thompson Community Cemetery are in close proximity.

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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