Dave & Buster’s is Coming To McKinney: This is the New Location

The new Shops at Fort Buckner on University Drive are excited to welcome a Dave & Buster’s to their lineup. The sprawling 30,000 square foot restaurant and entertainment complex is taking shape at 4064 W. University Drive in McKinney. It will stand among an array of prominent retailers and dining spots on land once known as the town of Buckner, the original county seat of Collin County. Historical aerial shots from the 1950s show the area’s past as farmland dotted with sparse homes. Originating from nearby Dallas, Dave & Buster’s has expanded to over 156 locations. The construction of this new facility is expected to be completed by May 2025.

1995 Aerial View of the Shops at Fort Buckner: This black and white photo captures the nascent stages of development along W. University Drive, highlighting sparse buildings amidst extensive farmland.
2024 Aerial View with Progress at W. University Drive: This vibrant image showcases significant development, featuring the upcoming Dave & Buster’s site marked by its iconic logo. Construction of additional facilities, including a new fitness center, is also visible.

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by F. E. Mufute

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