A Return to the Dallas Home Depot’s Tornado Ravaged Site

On October 10, 2019, thunderstorms caused by a cold front, began in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Tornadoes began to develop in the area and the most powerful of the multiple tornados caused damage in a path of over two miles in the northern Dallas area. The tornado caused the most costly property damage in Texas history. As the storm moved northeast from the western end of Northwest Dallas to Garland, it damaged or destroyed many buildings.

Google aerial image of the in October, 2019 with the damaged visible.
View from above, 24 years earlier, before the construction of the store.
Workers used shoring to support the remaining walls of the store.

One of the the many commercial buildings in its path was this Home Depot store on the southeast corner of Forest Lane U.S. Route 75. A month later, these images capture the aftermath, showing the northern end of the store blown away.

View of the front end of the store a month after the tornado.

The store, initially fenced off and closed, reopened almost a year later. These images show the devastation caused by the tornado.

Over turned trailer next to the damaged store in 2019.

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