Rochester, New York-based Abbott Frozen Custard will have a new location on a 0.84-acre lot in Lubbock, Texas. The lot is on Slide Road, in the southwest part of Lubbock. It is across the street from the new UMC Health and Wellness Hospital and is surrounded by many other new developments. The new space will be approximately 1,200 Sq. Ft. and will be complete sometime in 2024.

The new Rochester based Abbott Frozen Custard will be on Slide Road IN Lubbock, Texas.
The new Rochester-based Abbott Frozen Custard will be on Slide Road in Lubbock, Texas.
Aerial View of the area in 2002.
Same Aerial View 20 years later.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard is a family-owned franchise that was founded in 1902 by Arthur Abbott. The company was purchased by the Schreiber family in 1957 and they still own it today.

Street View of the Slide Road Abbott’s Frozen Custard location in 2007.
Same view in 2023.

11112 Slide rd, Lubbock, TX 79423