Las Colinas, a jewel in the crown of planned developments in the United States, might be getting a new Popeyes restaurant. Tucked away on the southwest corner of Regent Blvd and Belt Line Road, a quaint building stands witness to the changing tides of time. This 3219-square-foot structure, built in 2001, has seen an evolution that mirrors the growth and vibrancy of the Las Colinas community. It could now soon be home to one of the America’s biggest chicken fast-food restaurants.

Once known as the Local Diner, this retro-inspired eatery was a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike. In 2020, the diner experienced a change in ownership, marking a new chapter in its history. Under the new management, it was rebranded as the Irving Diner, paying homage to its home in Irving, Texas. The retro-looking diner now sits empty, waiting to meet the same fate as a long-gone creek that once cut through this location. A part of Las Colinas history will disappear, possibly making way for another chain eatery.

Popeyes in Richardson
A New Popeyes in Dallas, Texas.

Location History

Historical aerial images dating back to the 1950s tell tales of a different landscape. The location, now fully developed, once featured a creek meandering through the area. This creek was a witness to the early days before Las Colinas was established in 1972. The creek’s disappearance in the 1980s coincided with the influx of companies relocating to the area. As the city evolved into a hub of corporate activity, the land transformed to accommodate progress.

Currently, the retro-style building still stands intact on the corner. There is no set timeline for when or if demolition or construction will begin. For now, the vacant Local Diner/Irving Diner remains.

8305 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX 75063

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