A New Lower Greenville Restaurant is Coming to Dallas Texas

After 39 years, The Blue Goose Cantina closed its Lower Greenville, Dallas location in March 2023. The Blue Goose was a popular spot for dates and gatherings. It was particularly famous for its margaritas. In 1984, the restaurant established itself and now boasts several other locations across North Texas.

The building that was home to The Blue Goose Cantina will now be the home to a restaurant called Goodwin’s. Goodwin’s is a venture from Dallas restaurateurs Jeff Bekavac, Austin Rodgers (owner of Alamo Club and Mayer’s Garden), and David Cash (owner of Smoky Rose). It will serve a variety of dishes including salads, fish, pasta, and oysters with a 22-seat bar within the restaurant. The anticipated opening of Goodwin’s is sometime in 2024.

Dallas, Texas.

Location History

Earliest Google Street View images of the location show the now closed Blue Goose.
2019 Street View.

Lower Greenville Facts

  • Situated in east Dallas, Texas, west of Lakewood, Lower Greenville emerges as a vibrant entertainment district within the city.
  • In the early 20th Century, Greenville Avenue was one of the most important roads in Dallas, serving the new residential areas in East Dallas.
  • Lower Greenville is home to the Grenada theater, an important music venue, on Greenville Avenue

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