Topgolf, a globally recognized sports entertainment company, is close to finishing its newest venue. Located at 777 Dedham Street, Canton, Massachusetts, this is their first venture into the state. The move highlights their dedication to providing tech-driven golf fun nationwide.

Topgolf location in Canton, Massachusetts.

The Canton site is set to open in late 2023. It will feature 90 hitting bays, all equipped with heaters and fans. The company will equip each bay with its Toptracer technology, offering a high-tech twist to the traditional golfing experience.

Topgolf was founded by twin brothers Steve and Dave Jolliffe in Watford, United Kingdom, in 2000. The Jolliffe brothers developed the innovative Toptracer technology. This system changed the game by graphically tracking golf balls’ flight paths for players’ analysis and enjoyment.

TopGolf in Las Vegas, Nevada

Today, Topgolf has over 70 locations worldwide and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In 2020 Callaway Golf Company acquired Topgolf for $2 billion.

Top Golf in Canton will offer a full food and beverage menu, catering to golf fans and foodies alike. Moreover, the site will boast a rooftop terrace and an outdoor patio, providing socializing spaces.

Location History

Today developers are currently turning the site into a golf entertainment complex. However, in the past, it was home to the Cumberland Farms facility, a landmark visible in 1960s aerial images.

The oldest Google Earth aerial view of the area with the Cumberland Farms facility open in 1995
2012 Street View of the Cumberland Farms facility
The same view of the location 10 years after the Cumberland facility was demolished.

777 Dedham St, Canton, MA 02021