Buc-ee’s will be building a new location in Amarillo, Texas on the southeast corner of the Juett Attebury road and Interstate 40 highway. The purchase of the land was delayed due to a dispute between neighboring Speedco Truck Lube and Tires and the owner of the undeveloped land.

The Buc-ee’s will also be next to an Amarillo Travel Information Center and across the Interstate to Flying J Travel Center 723. Construction is expected to begin in 2023.

Location History

1991 aerial image of the same location.
2002 aerial image when the Amarillo Travel Information Center was under construction.
Same site in 2010.
Street view of the disputed Speedco exit road leading to Juett Attebury road.
Amarillo Travel Information Center entrance.
Street view of the site from Juett Attebury road in 2019.

Amarillo Facts

Amarillo Police Car by Tony Hisgett.
  • Amarillo was originally named Oneida in 1887 when it was founded.
  • Amarillo was one of the world’s busiest cattle-shipping points in the 1890s.
  • In 1949, an F4 tornado devastated almost half the city killing seven people.
  • In the 2020 United States Census, there were 200,393 people and 76,778 households in Amarillo.

Buc-ee’s Facts

  • Buc-ee’s locations have fuel pumps that range from 80 to 120 fueling positions for gas and diesel. 
  • The largest travel center is in New Braunfels, Texas, on Interstate 35.
  • Arch “Beaver” Aplin opened the first store in Clute, Texas back in 1982.
  • Buc-ee’s headquarters is in Lake Jackson, Texas.