Demolition Of Thornton Elementary
Demolition Of Thornton Elementary

Thornton Elementary In Arlington, Texas has been demolished and will eventually be replaced by a new modern building. The project is part of the $966 million Arlington ISD bond proposal which will rebuild 4 schools and renovate existing facilities.

Demolition is being done by Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, LLC. A company based in Hutchins, Texas. Construction for the new Elementary is expected to begin in 2022 and will be complete fall of 2023.

2019 Bond

Arlington’s Capital Needs Steering Committee of 37 people through a series of meetings, conducted a study and evaluated Arlington ISD facilities and needs. In November, 2019, the people of Arlington went to the polls and voted in favor of the proposal. 2019 Bond will have 5 phases which will all be completed in 2025. The replacement of Thornton Elementary is part of phase I.

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Thornton Elementary History

Street view from E Park Row Drive
Looking west from Carter Drive

Thornton Elementary was opened in 1956 and was expanded in the 90’s. The school was named after Myrtle Lee Thornton who moved to Texas from Tennessee in 1864. She taught math at Arlington High School.


Thornton Elementary is located on East Park Road, 557 yards from Texas State Highway 360 in East Arlington, Texas.

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2301 E Park Row Dr, Arlington, TX 76010