Irving Lowe's Outlet Store

Lowe’s Appliance Outlet in Irving Texas

Lowe’s Appliance Outlet Store is now open in Irving Texas. The repurposed store is using the same building as the closed Lowe’s hardware store. It was one of the 50 Lowe’s locations closed in 2019. Lowe’s Outlet stores sell scratch and dent appliances, usually starting with a 25% discount. The first Outlet store was opened in Monrovia California back in 2019. This is the first Lowe’s Outlet Store in Texas and the 3rd in the United States.

Does Lowes Outlet sell anything else other than appliances?

This Lowe’s Outlet store sells only appliances and the accessories needed to install the appliances.

Do Lowes Outlet appliances come with a warranty?

The appliances come with the manufacturers warranty and Lowe’s Outlet does offer the same protection plans offered in their traditional stores with coverage for normal wear and tear and no deductibles.

Will Lowes Outlet deliver the appliances?

Lowe’s Outlet does not have the free delivery option like the traditional Lowe’s stores. However, they do deliver for a fee. Pick-up trucks are also available for a lower fee.

Does Lowes Outlet Install the appliances?

Unlike the main Lowe’s Stores, this Outlet store does not offer installation services.

January 2021

March 2019

Lowe’s Outlet Location

Irving Lowe's Outlet

Images above show the same location in 1958 and in 2003. The strip mall where the store is located was built in the early 90’s. Before Lowe’s there was a building with 2 stores until 2003.

Irving Lowe's Outlet
Construction in 2005
Irving Lowe's Outlet

Construction for the current building can be seen in 2005 aerial images.

3500 West Airport Freeway Irving
TX, 75062