10 Famous People From Arlington Texas

10 Famous People From Arlington Texas

Arlington is the 49th-most populous city in the United States and the seventh-most populous city in the state of Texas. Here’s a list of 10 famous people from Arlington.

Fred Jackson

Fred Jackson
New York National

Fred Jackson is a former National Football League running back. He attended  Lamar High School in Arlington.

Ronnie Coleman


Ronnie Coleman  is a retired professional bodybuilder who used to be an Arlington police officer from 1989 to 2000.

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole
By Hybrid LLC – My Summer Prince

Taylor Cole is an American actress and former fashion model. She was born in Arlington in 1984. Cole attended Lamar High School.

Lacey Sturm

Lacey Sturm
Opal Hood

Lacey Sturm is a singer and song writer. Strum is a co-founder of the band Flyleaf and was the lead vocalist. She was raised in Arlington Texas.

Scott Hoying

Scott Hoying
Abby Gillardi

Scott Hoying is a singer, songwriter, arranger, and musician best known for being a founder and singer for 2 groups. Pentatonix and Superfruit. Hoying was born in Arlington back in 1991.

Emmanuel Mudiay

Emmanuel Mudiay

Emmanuel Mudiay is a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz. He attended attended Grace Preparatory Academy in Arlington.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin Arlington
Arturo Pardavila III

Chris Martin is a professional baseball pitcher and was born in Arlington. He attended Arlington High School.

David Williams

David Williams Arlington
World Poker Tour

David Williams is a professional poker player and TV personality. He was born 1980 in the Arlington Texas.

Mitch Grassi

Mitch Grassi Arlington

Mitch Grassi is a singer, songwriter, arranger, and musician. He was born in Arlington back in 1992.

Hayley Orrantia

Hayley Orrantia Arlington
Justin Higuchi

Hayley Orrantia was born in Arlington in 1994. She is an actress, singer, and songwriter.