Closed Taco Cabana

Closed Taco Cabana in Hurst Texas

Closed Taco Cabana

On the corner of Precinct Line and Texas Highway 183 in Hurst Texas is a closed Taco Cabana. This location was only open for a couple of years. Taco Cabana specializes in Mexican cuisines with open display cooking areas.

In January 2020 Taco Cabana’s parent company, Fiesta Restaurant Group, a company based in Dallas closed 19 under performing stores. This restaurant was one of those locations.

July 2020

Made in SA: Taco Cabana celebrates 40 years


Pollo Tropical

In 2015 the building was constructed as a Pollo Tropical restaurant. Pollo Tropical is also owned by Fiesta Restaurant Group.

Pollo Tropical


Going back to 2011 the site was a parking lot for a Albertsons Grocery Store. A Shell gas station was on the same site.

The Albertsons is now gone and so is the Shell Gas Station.