The Isaac Apartments

The Isaac Apartments in Frisco Texas

The Isaac Apartments are under construction in Frisco Texas. The apartments are located in Frisco Square. Frisco Square is a community managed by the Frisco Square Property Owners Association. The apartments are located right next to Simpson Plaza and the Frisco public library.

July 2020

5 Nearby Schools

Leadership Prep School

6 mins

Leadership Prep School is a nonsectarian public Charter school. It is located about 6 minutes from The Isaac. It has both elementary and secondary school campuses.

Wakeland High School

5 mins

Wakeland High School is a part of the Frisco Independent School District and is located approximately 2 miles from the new Apartments.

Memorial High School

7 mins

Memorial High
Memorial High

Memorial High school is in the Frisco Independent School district and a 7 minute drive north of The Isaac Apartments.

Carroll Elementary School

5 mins

Carroll Elementary is a 1.5 miles away from the new apartments and is a part of the Frisco Independent School District.

Robert Cobb Middle School

5 mins

Cobb Middle school is a 5 minute drive from The Isaac Apartments. It is a part of the Frisco Independent School District.

July 2020

This video by AK Ali on explains the pros and cons of living in Frisco Texas and like he explains, the pros definitely out weigh the cons.