JFK Tribute

JFK Tribute in Fort Worth Texas is located at the foot of Hilton Fort Worth. Formerly known as Hotel Texas, it is the site of President John F Kennedy’s last speech. Kennedy spent his last night in Suite 850. In 1968 Hotel Texas was renamed Sheraton-Fort Worth Hotel. 11 years later the hotel was gutted and a new interior was built.

In 2006, after being renamed multiple times the Hotel was named Hilton Fort Worth. The photo below was taken in the parking lot in November 1963 hours before the JFK assassination.

In 2012 a bronze statue was placed in the same area where JFK stood in 1963.

Fun Facts

Photos documenting JFK’s and Jackie’s stay at the hotel and JFK’s final hours are displayed in the lobby and mezzanine.
JFK Presidential Suite 1530 is dedicated to JFK’s legacy.
Hotel Texas was added to the National Register of Historic Places in July 3, 1979.
Constructed from 1920 to 1921.

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